Get the mental health treatment you need.
  • “Because of Pathfinder, I am not afraid of life anymore. I am excited to finally start living.”

    — College student
  • “PIC's well-trained staff offered thought-provoking courses and individual therapy to address my despair.”

    — 39-year-old financial analyst
  • “The amazing team on ATP helped create a new me.”

    — Emily G.
  • “Everyone should be able to get treatment like this.”

    — Former patient
  • “I no longer feel compelled to kill myself. I feel my time on Compass helped me to see a 'path worth living.'”

    — 25-year-old woman
  • “Having gone to Menninger really helped me turn my life around.”

    — Former patient
  • “I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a patient on Hope, and I'm grateful for all that the team did for me.”

    — Former patient
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Clinic Board of Directors

Robert C. Wilson III
Clinic Board Chair
Laura J. Kissel
Chair, Quality of Care Committee
Alan I. Abramson
Beverly Hills, Calif.
Harvey Kurzweil
Chair, Board Development & Planning Committee
New York City
Philip J. Burguières
Director Emeritus
John McKelvey
Director Emeritus
Leawood, Kansas
C. Edward Coffey, MD
Ex Officio
Anand Pandya, MD
Los Angeles
Maureen O. Hackett
Foundation Board Chair
Judson W. Robinson III
Wayne H. Holtzman, PhD
Director Emeritus
Austin, Texas
Norman C. Schultz
Chair, Audit/Finance/Compliance & Compensation Committee
Yountville, Calif.
Linda D. Jones
Chair, Community Initiatives & Government Relations Committee
Susan Sportsman, RN, PhD
Forestburg, Texas
John C. Kerr
Chair, Research Committee
San Antonio