Get the mental health treatment you need.
  • “Because of Pathfinder, I am not afraid of life anymore. I am excited to finally start living.”

    — College student
  • “PIC's well-trained staff offered thought-provoking courses and individual therapy to address my despair.”

    — 39-year-old financial analyst
  • “The amazing team on ATP helped create a new me.”

    — Emily G.
  • “Everyone should be able to get treatment like this.”

    — Former patient
  • “I no longer feel compelled to kill myself. I feel my time on Compass helped me to see a 'path worth living.'”

    — 25-year-old woman
  • “Having gone to Menninger really helped me turn my life around.”

    — Former patient
  • “I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a patient on Hope, and I'm grateful for all that the team did for me.”

    — Former patient
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We are pleased to respond to media inquiries; just contact us:
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Anne Lupton
Digital Communications Manager
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Our Experts

Menninger has a number of experts on mental health topics such as depression, trauma, attachment, suicide, obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders, addiction and  more; many have experience with both print and broadcast media. To schedule a media interview with a Menninger expert, contact the Communications Director or the Digital Communications Manager.