Psychiatrist, Psychologist to Present Webinar on Trauma and Pregnancy

Monday, June 3, 2019
netherton-elisabeth-photo-copy-awl rohr-jessica-phd-2018-news-brief
Elisabeth Netherton, MD Jessica Rohr, PhD

Menninger is pleased to present a free webinar, The Interplay of Trauma and Pregnancy, for mental health professionals Tuesday, June 25, at 12 pm CT.

Presenters will be Elisabeth Netherton, MD, who works on our Hope Program for Adults, and Jessica Rohr, staff psychologist at Menninger.

They'll outline the three major ways that trauma can influence the development of postnatal issues, particularly PTSD: (1) pre-pregnancy trauma, (2) trauma endured during pregnancy and (3) pregnancy-related events directly related to gestation and childbirth that meet criteria for a traumatic event.


They also will explore prevalence data and related outcomes. Finally, they will offer best practices for identifying women who may be in danger of consequences related to trauma, determining appropriate referral sources and knowing when to refer.


Reserve your spot now for this exciting webinar.