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  • “I most definitely would have been in the hospital at least once if it had not been for The Gathering Place.”

    — Dan C., member
  • “I learned new skills that helped me get a job and get back out in the community.”

    — David S., former member
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The Gathering Place Gains Members, Adds Services

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Menninger’s free psychosocial clubhouse, The Gathering Place, has been on a growth spurt this summer.
Following a new-member campaign, membership is up, with the clubhouse now averaging 50 members participating each day in a variety of services, including vocational skills training, employment assistance, a wellness program and recreational and social activities. These and other services are available five days a week for individuals with severe, persistent mental illness.
“We’re excited to have new members participate in our activities,” said Meg Griffin, MSW, director, The Gathering Place. “Our established members get the chance to welcome and mentor the newer members, while the newer members learn how helpful the clubhouse has been in the long-time members’ recovery. It’s a win-win for everyone.”
The Gathering Place has also worked to reduce the time an individual waits between applying for membership and becoming a member. Now, someone who applies usually becomes a member and starts participating within a week of submitting an application.
In addition to its usual array of services, The Gathering Place has also launched a blog that members use to share their experiences with a wider audience. Posts feature artwork, poems and more.