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Research Institute & Outpatient Center

The Menninger Clinic and Baylor College of Medicine have advanced mental health research, training and patient care by creating a partnership focused on improving the lives of countless patients and their families in Houston and across the country. This historical collaboration has attracted outstanding physicians and researchers who are committed to pursuing new avenues of research that will work to explain the development of mental illness and how the brain and behavior intersect.
In addition, the two institutions work together to train the next generation of mental health professionals to address an increasing shortage of highly trained psychiatrists needed to treat individuals with complex mental illness. At the heart of all these efforts are the patients and the outstanding patient care both institutions provide.

New Research Institute and Outpatient Center

Main Lobby Entry
Menninger and Baylor College of Medicine are now ready to take the next step in their partnership by jointly constructing The Research Institute and Outpatient Center. This landmark facility will be built adjacent to Menninger’s psychiatric hospital on the Epicenter campus, will comprise two floors covering approximately 85,000 square feet and will include a parking garage. This will provide space to bolster research, expand outpatient care and increase educational programming. The cost to construct and equip this new facility is approximately $25 million.
Some of the key features of the building include:
  • Collaborative spaces, facilities and office spaces that will attract other world-class investigators to join forces with current teams of renowned researchers
  • Space for outpatient clinics and specialty care clinics that will improve the ability to provide patients with the full continuum of care
  • A clinical research core that will allow teams of researchers to leverage high-tech equipment and other resources
  • Space to recruit leading researchers to fill several vacant chairs in neuropsychiatry — a relatively new field that involves highly-trained professionals who have specialized knowledge, experience, and clinical skills that bridge multiple medical disciplines such as psychiatry and neurology
  • Moving the Menninger Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science to the Epicenter campus
  • A state-of-the-art conference center that includes a 300-seat auditorium and flexible learning spaces that will establish The Epicenter as a regional hub for mental health education
  • Patient amenities such as an outdoor dining terrace and an indoor café that support an environment of healing
front entry
Front Entry
Moving Baylor College of Medicine’s research labs, teams of investigators, diagnostic services, outpatient care and educational programs from disparate buildings to the Menninger campus will create a world-class mental health Epicenter and help achieve two primary objectives: 
  • Develop new, more effective treatments for mental illness through innovative research
  • Increase Baylor College of Medicine’s prominence as one of the premier psychiatric departments in the nation
In addition to creating stronger research and training programs, The Research Institute and Outpatient Center will allow Menninger and Baylor College of Medicine to expand patient care and education programs:
  • Launch new, preeminent patient care programs and services
  • Serve as a vibrant local and regional center for educational activities in mental health

The Power of Philanthropy

dining terrace
Dining Terrace

Philanthropic support will play a vital role in helping Menninger and Baylor College of Medicine — together — to construct The Research Institute and Outpatient Center, and it will accelerate the important work of unlocking the complexities of mental illness.


Menninger welcomes every gift from our generous donors.



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