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    “We really get to know our patients and help them make lasting changes that will work for them long term.”

    — Nicole Bartek, RN




    “Nurses are strongly supported in pursuing additional education.”

    — Jennifer M. Jackson, RN-BC




    “The staff here at Menninger are among the most compassionate, friendly, and dedicated individuals.”

    — Heather Kranz, MEd, CRC
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Continuing Education

Menninger values lifelong learning for licensed professionals. Our educational activities are designed to address clinical practice gaps and to promote change in performance, clinical practice and patient outcomes. An interdisciplinary Continuing Education Committee oversees the needs, planning, implementation and evaluation of Menninger's educational activities.
The Clinic is approved to provide continuing education by the following organizations:

Event Information

Visit our Calendar of Events for current educational offerings and a list of upcoming conferences we'll be attending.