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Program Costs

Every patient is different, which is why we customize treatment to address the biopsychosocial needs of each patient. And because patients’ needs differ, time in treatment varies for each.
We expect patients to agree to stay six to eight weeks, which is usually the time it takes to complete the program’s assessment, develop and implement the treatment plan and make the desired progress toward treatment goals.

All-Inclusive Rates

Daily inpatient rates include:
  • Room and board
  • Diagnostic assessments and treatment planning
  • Program groups and activities
  • Specialty groups
  • Evidence-based and psychodynamic therapies, including cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills training
  • Medication
  • Meetings with the interdisciplinary treatment team
  • Individual and family therapy as prescribed
  • Spirituality services as requested by the patient and treatment team
  • Planning for follow-up care and support after discharge
  • Routine physicals and lab work
  • Gene and biomarker profile
  • 24-hour psychiatric nursing care
  • Use of Wellness Center
  • For adolescents, on-site academic tutoring


Inpatient Programs
Expected Stay*
3-5 weeks
6-8 weeks
3 weeks
6-8 weeks
4-6 weeks
~ Most patients are prescribed psychological testing. Additional fees billed separately will include psychological and neuropsychological testing ($500 to $4,000 based on costs of tests ordered), neurological testing, learning disabilities assessment, medical services provided offsite and one-to-one patient observation for patient safety ($200 per eight-hour increment).

Your treatment team will explain the purpose for a test or one-to-one care and get your approval in advance.

* Length of stay may vary according to an individual’s clinical needs.
▫  Rate includes psychological testing and neuropsychological testing if indicated.
♦  This rate will increase to $1,900/day effective July 1, 2016.
Outpatient Programs
Pathfinder with apartment-home option
$8,400 biweekly 
$6,300 biweekly, if living independently 
Assessment Service $10,000/week
4.5 days
Additional costs may include the community psychiatrist’s charges, medication, most meals, educational tuition and individual activities.
 Rate includes psychological testing and neuropsychological testing if indicated.

Payment for Services

Prior to admission, your Admissions coordinator will work with you to create a payment contract for services to be provided. The patient or patient’s guarantor is responsible for payment.

We safeguard the medical, insurance and financial information related to all patients, their families and/or guarantor.
For more information, please call us at 800-351-9058, ext. 5140, or 713-275-5140.