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Adolescent Treatment Program

Referring Professionals

We appreciate all referrals from clinicians and educational consultants, and we encourage their input throughout the patient’s stay. To help us stay connected, a member of the Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP) treatment team maintains regular contact with the referring clinician through frequent phone calls. The referring clinician is also invited to participate in the diagnostic conference held two weeks after admission.
Referring clinicians are included in discharge planning. They receive a comprehensive discharge summary and psychological testing report. Our goal is to ensure continuity of care is provided no matter where the patient seeks treatment after Menninger.

Reasons for Referrals and Common Symptoms

Patients are frequently referred to ATP when an adolescent has attempted suicide or expressed a desire to commit suicide, engaged in self-injurious or self-destructive behaviors like drinking, drug use, promiscuity or refusing to attend school.
Adolescents often present with symptoms like depressed or unpredictable moods, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks, obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior, perfectionism, low self-worth, sleep disruption, self-injury, substance abuse, eating disorders, conflicts with adults, declining school performance, self-isolating behavior, social immaturity, or resistance or refusal to engage in outpatient treatment.