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  • “I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a patient on Hope, and I'm grateful for all that the team did for me.”

    — Former patient
  • “I truly believe the treatment I received at Menninger saved my life, and I'm forever grateful to everyone there.”

    — Former patient
  • "I'm really glad I had the experience at Menninger; it changed my life."

    — Former patient
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Hope Program for Adults

Our Team

Patients in the Hope Program for Adults (Hope) are assigned a treatment team that brings together experienced clinical professionals to address their needs.
Drawing upon their skill and experience, our experts design a customized treatment plan to address the patient’s core issues. They also work with the patient and family at every step to facilitate progress. Our depth of expertise means we can provide comprehensive psychiatric and medical care.

Our Team

Experts from several disciplines are part of each patient’s interdisciplinary treatment team:
Primary Psychiatrist (Team Leader)
  • Conducts the admission interview and takes a comprehensive history
  • Prescribes and adjusts medications, including withdrawal from drugs and alcohol
  • Manages physical problems and refers to specialists as necessary
  • Makes rounds with other staff members
  • Directs the patient’s treatment team and makes final decisions regarding treatment
Psychologist or Social Worker
  • Coordinates treatment, along with the psychiatrist and other treatment team members
  • Helps determine which groups/activities are needed for recovery
  • Reviews the treatment plan with the patient
  • Conducts the psychosocial assessment interview
  • Communicates with the family regarding patient needs and progress
  • Works with the patient and family on discharge planning needs
  • Coordinates family visits
Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Provides psychiatric rehabilitation services through groups that focus on identifying and resolving impairments affecting the patient’s work, educational, social/leisure and living environments
  • Assesses life skills
  • Communicates patient strengths and needs to other team members
Addictions Counselor (if indicated)
  • Conducts addiction assessments as needed
  • Meets with patients individually to assess recovery needs
  • Conducts recovery groups
Nursing Staff (Nurses and Mental Health Associates)
  • Provides all aspects of nursing care, including administering medications, teaching physical care as needed and acting as the patient’s daily contact person
  • Provides supervision of patient participation, progress and treatment plans implemented by the treatment team
  • Communicates observations and concerns to treatment teams
  • Co-leads groups
Nurse Manager
  • Oversees all nurses and mental health associates
  • Manages the milieu in terms of patient safety and supervision

Treatment Team Includes Patients

At Menninger, we believe the patient and family are important components of treatment success. Patients are members of the treatment team and are directly involved in setting their treatment goals, both short- and long-term, as well as discharge and aftercare planning. Family members and others whom the patient wants to include also are part of this process.