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At The Menninger Clinic, our focus is on treating patients’ psychiatric illnesses. Exercise is an important aspect of treatment, as it’s been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep habits and influence self-esteem. To encourage patients to engage in exercise, Menninger offers a Wellness Center with an array of features that offers something for everyone.

Wellness Center Features

At nearly 2,000 square feet, the Wellness Center offers a workout area with three wall-mounted televisions, a recreation area with a pool table, an exercise room with a shock-absorbing wood floor and a regulation-size half basketball court with five basketball goals.
Each inpatient treatment program has scheduled time in the Wellness Center for its patients, who are always accompanied by program staff. Patients can also participate in classes such yoga, stretching and relaxation.
The Wellness Center also boasts a saltwater pool so that patients can cool off on hot summer days.

The Wellness Program

The Wellness Center is only one aspect of The Clinic’s Wellness Program, which is part of our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services. The Wellness Program offers:
  • Lectures on healthy eating, stress management, cardiac care and other topics related to mental and physical health
  • Pet therapy
  • On-site massages
  • Health fairs
  • Blood drives
  • Community advocacy events
  • Health and wellness challenges
  • Healthy lifestyle coaching

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services helps patients improve functioning in school, work, living, social and leisure environments by helping them maintain, develop and improve skills and resources that help ameliorate the effect of a psychiatric disability. Psychiatric rehabilitation specialists work with patients on all Menninger’s programs, including Pathfinder, our community integration program.