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Professional Assessments

An inpatient Professional Assessment at Menninger is a diagnostic service designed to assess individuals struggling with issues including:

  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Psychiatric and co-occurring disorders
  • Sexual boundary violations
  • Disruptive behavior in the workplace
  • Career stress and burnout
A five-day admission to the Professionals in Crisis Program is generally required, which allows the patient to be supervised, observed and supported by experienced mental health professionals. The cost is $8,500 per week.

What's Included

Each Professional Assessment includes:
  • Comprehensive psychological testing
  • A psychiatric consultation
  • Psychosocial assessments
  • An evaluation by a certified addiction counselor with consultation by an addictionologist when needed
  • Medical and neuropsychiatric workup as needed
  • Access to other Menninger specialists

In addition, the patient and the referring professional receive a written report with results of the assessment and recommendations for:

  • Continuation of practice or work based on level of individual’s impairment
  • A treatment action plan when appropriate
  • A report requested by state health programs, licensing boards or hospital medical executive committees

What to Expect

Before admission, goals for the assessment and a plan for communication are established jointly by the incoming patient, the referring professional and an Admissions coordinator. The Admissions coordinator also gathers the necessary background information for the assessment team.



  • Single point-of-service for comprehensive psychological, addictions and medical assessments
  • Flexibility to customize the assessment to meet the goals of the referring professional
  • Timely communication with the referring professional
  • On-site clinicians experienced in working with professionals and their needs
  • Certified addiction counselors

Additional Treatment at Menninger

If inpatient treatment is recommended, the individual being assessed and their organization or employer may choose to continue working with Menninger's Professionals in Crisis Program. Alternatively, we will assist with making a referral to another treatment facility.