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  • “PIC's well-trained staff offered thought-provoking courses and individual therapy to address my despair.”

    — 39-year-old financial analyst
  • “Through their care and respect for my dignity, the staff and my fellow patients helped me get my life back on track.”

    — 46-year-old physician
  • “Menninger helped me get on the road to sobriety and learn how to handle my depression.”

    — Corporate attorney
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Professionals in Crisis Program

The Professionals in Crisis Program (PIC) at The Menninger Clinic serves high-performance business professionals, lawyers, medical personnel, entrepreneurs and other high-achieving individuals who are experiencing difficulty managing their careers and relationships because of a psychiatric disorder, addiction, demands or stress.


Many professionals come to Menninger after years of individual therapy, medication and other forms of treatment. Menninger seeks to help these men and women find solutions that are sustainable and manageable long after their stay. This treatment program lasts four to six weeks and helps individuals with complex problems build futures of renewed promise.


Who We Treat

Menninger uses a patient-centered, personalized approach to treat those with longstanding issues that have substantially compromised their quality of life or have been unresponsive to other treatments.
This intensive hospital-based program is designed for professionals who struggle with a variety of disorders and often co-occurring addictions, including:
  • Depressive disorders
  • Anxiety or panic disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Impulsive or disruptive behavior, anger or self-injury history
  • Addictive disorders, including gambling; sexual compulsivity; Internet, spending, drug or alcohol addiction
  • Dual or co-existing disorders (both psychiatric and addictive disorders)
  • Impaired concentration and memory
  • Severe burnout and stress
  • Professional boundary violations
  • Career decisions and transitions
  • Disciplinary action or loss of license
  • Impaired ability to skillfully and safely perform job tasks

Personalized Goals

Within a safe, secure environment, Menninger’s experienced clinicians build an individualized program to address each patient’s unique situation using therapies that research has shown are effective. A longer-term stay of approximately four to six weeks helps people learn the tools needed to make a successful transition back to their home and community for continued growth and change.
Thanks to its structured therapeutic environment, Menninger helps patients look at all aspects of their lives: medical, social and psychological, biological and spiritual.
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