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  • “PIC's well-trained staff offered thought-provoking courses and individual therapy to address my despair.”

    — 39-year-old financial analyst
  • “Through their care and respect for my dignity, the staff and my fellow patients helped me get my life back on track.”

    — 46-year-old physician
  • “Menninger helped me get on the road to sobriety and learn how to handle my depression.”

    — Corporate attorney
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Professionals in Crisis Program

First Days with PIC

labyrinth-lo-res-picA person’s first days on Menninger's Professionals in Crisis Program (PIC) vary according to individual needs. Generally, the first week involves the following:

  • Upon arrival, an Admissions coordinator works with the patient and/or family to complete any paperwork not complete.
  • Members of the treatment team greet the patient. Nursing staff inventories and checks personal belongings.
  • The patient settles into a room, then meets other staff and patients, and receives a tour of the unit.
  • A complete physical and psychological evaluation is conducted, including frank discussions with the patient, family and referring physicians about medical and psychological history and previous tests results. Symptoms are stabilized as needed.
  • Special services, including 12-step addiction treatment, eating disorder consultation, vocational assessments and neuropsychological assessment, are scheduled as needed.
  • During these early days, the patient is engaged in testing and evaluations. To ease the adjustment into the PIC program, patients steadily increase participation in individual treatment programs.
Learn more about family involvement, what to expect, testing and medication and milieu therapy in Menninger’s PIC program.