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Professionals in Crisis Program

For Referring Clinicians

The Menninger Professionals in Crisis Program (PIC) serves adults who are experiencing difficulty managing their careers or relationships while dealing with a psychiatric disorder or a combination of psychiatric and addictive disorders, demands and stress.

The patient receives treatment among peers and mental health professionals who understand the challenges of having many professional responsibilities while trying to balance a career or personal life.
The referring clinician is an important part of an accurate diagnosis, and helps ensure the patient is successful in treatment at Menninger as well as future programs.
Soon after the patient is admitted, the patient’s treatment team leader will communicate with the referring professional. Together, they will:
  • Discuss the patient’s treatment history to reach an accurate, concise picture of specific needs and previous and current issues
  • Begin to plan the best combination of treatment to help the patient transition back to their family and community after treatment at Menninger
During treatment, the team keeps the referring professional informed about their patient’s progress and discharge plans, if the patient wishes. Referring professionals are consulted about discharge plans to help ensure continued progress, with the patient’s permission.
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