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Monday–Friday 8 am–5 pm CT

Outpatient Assessments

A four and one-half-day (4.5-day) outpatient assessment is available for anyone seeking a greater understanding of their symptoms and current issues in their personal or work life. The outpatient assessments team takes a look at the questions posed by you and the medical, genetic, psychological and social issues that may affect your current situation, health and well-being.
Based on each individual's needs, the outpatient assessments team customizes the assessment with diagnostic tests. A range of specialists are on staff to help evaluate causes for your issues and recommend a health and treatment plan. Our specialists are experienced clinical professionals with expertise in neurology, pain, eating disorders, psychiatric rehabilitation, addictions, personality disorders, depression, self-injury, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
After gathering clinical data and insights, the outpatient assessments team presents its findings and treatment recommendations at the end of the week. Within two weeks, you'll receive the team's final written report.
The assessment cannot be applied to legal or administrative cases.

What's Included?

Prior to arrival and during the assessment week, the outpatient assessments team members collaborate with you in a series of diagnostic tests, medical exams and psychological evaluations to obtain a 360-degree review of the mind-body issues you are experiencing. The diagnostic workup includes:

  • Psychological and neuro-cognitive assessments
  • Genetic profile test to determine optimal medication
  • Review of medication use and timeline by a Menninger pharmacist
  • An EEG and MRI of the head*
  • Sleep test when indicated*
  • A screening physical*
  • Specialty assessments, such as addictions, when indicated
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Laboratory tests, including a required drug screening*

* The cost of the screening physical, labs and MRI is the responsibility of the client.


Scheduling an Outpatient Assessment

Our Admissions coordinators will discuss the issues you are having and jointly determine if our outpatient assessment will meet your needs.


Assessments typically begin on Mondays and continue during the five-day work week. All assessments must be planned in advance through our Admissions staff.


Before arriving, we'll ask you to provide clinical information on psychiatric, medical and psychosocial issues, which will help the team understand your history and goals for the assessment. The advance information will also enable the team to personalize the assessment ever further by adding additional tests or evaluations by specialists. In order to get your genetic profile for the assessment, you will need to submit a self-administered saliva sample several days before arriving at Menninger. Our staff will walk you through this simple process.


Outpatient Assessment Team

  • Benjamin Weinstein, MD, director
  • Blake Haren, MD, medical director
  • Cory Walker, DO, psychiatrist
  • Harrell Woodson, PhD, senior psychologist
  • Dallas Adams, LCSW, senior social worker

Assessment Cost

The 4.5-day outpatient assessment costs $10,000. A $2,000 nonrefundable down payment is required before an assessment can be scheduled.


For more information, please call our Admissions Office at 800.351.9058 or 713.275.5000.