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Pathfinder, a community re-integration program

Pathfinder Program Details

We work with each client to develop an individual recovery plan, which is the blueprint for treatment, recovery and life. Frequently updated throughout the participant’s stay, it contains goals, responsibilities and other individualized plans for each individual’s recovery. It’s a person-centered plan that keeps everyone involved in the participant’s care focused and motivated to achieve goals and move toward an individualized concept of “a life worth living.”

Hallmarks of the Program

  • Focus on psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Community living in local apartments, with support from bachelor-degree-prepared resident advisors
  • Day program option
  • Individual recovery plans
  • Three- to six-month length of stay provides adequate time to develop and master skills and competence in daily living
  • Individualized educational assistance, including vocational and readiness assessments, tutoring and help with class registration and selection
  • Supported-employment model to help clients reach vocational goals and explore career development
  • Career assessments and vocational evaluations
  • Internship, work or volunteer experiences
  • Group and individual wellness activities
  • Group social events, including concerts, festivals and professional sporting events
  • Programming that addresses life, interpersonal and mentalizing skills; group psychotherapy; dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Weekly individual and family therapy and case management