Monday–Friday 8 am–5 pm CT

Hope Program

Our Healing Environment

Menninger’s foundation for assessment and treatment in our specialty programs is milieu therapy, which means the total environment is part of the healing process. Hope provides structured, patient-centered therapies, individual therapy, rehabilitation, and process and psychoeducational groups.
The unscheduled time is also valuable to healing by helping patients increase time management skills, socialize with peers, perform therapy homework, learn ways to improve sleep and health, relax with a hobby or participate in recreational activities. The leisure time offsets the intense therapeutic work and offers real-life situations for practicing newly learned interpersonal and symptom management skills.
Hope’s community offers a safe, nurturing environment in which patients can share their problems and reflect upon their lives, their belief systems and the effects of their behavior. To be accessible and supportive to patients when needed, the treatment team members’ offices are located on the unit.
The Menninger milieu also provides a place for the patient to integrate new and positive experiences, practice new skills and reassess themselves in relationships with others. Activities that foster these objectives include a weekly community meeting, leisure activities and daily group activities on the unit.
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