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Outpatient Therapy & Psychiatry Services

Group Therapy

Are you looking for a safe environment in which to gain a better understanding of yourself and to facilitate positive changes in your life? Then group therapy might be just what you need.
In our groups, participants learn ways to enhance, and practice, their communication, social and empathy skills. They also realize others have similar issues and experiences, which can be a powerful tool in their recovery. Participants give feedback to their peers about how their thoughts and actions are perceived.

Group therapy is also a cost-effective complement to individual therapy.

Groups at Menninger

All outpatient groups take place at Outpatient Services' location at 6565 West Loop South, Suite 540, in Bellaire, Texas:
  • Adults - This group meets weekly to examine their emotions, relationships and areas of potential change. It's open to anyone ages 18 and older who is struggling with issues such as depression or anxiety, substances, problems with work or problems with relationships.
  • Adolescents - There are two groups, each of which meets once per week, for those ages 14-18 who want to examine issues affecting relationships with family, friends or school achievement. Issues might include specific family concerns, impulsivity, procrastination, substances, depression, social anxiety, self-esteem and self-worth.

Join a group

If you're intrigued and want to try one of our groups, call 713-275-5634 or email Paola Pedrido.