About Menninger Clinic

Community Engagement

Menninger is committed to enhancing mental healthcare delivery in the Houston area, particularly in underserved areas.

BridgeUp at Menninger

BridgeUp at Menninger aims to promote innovative collaborations among multi-sector community organizations to produce measurable improvement in the mental health status of communities, with a particular focus on vulnerable adolescents in Greater Houston schools, through the funding of one-year grants.

The Gathering Place

Free vocational skills training, a wellness program, employment assistance, and recreational and social activities are available for the more than 300 members of The Gathering Place, a psychosocial clubhouse for adults with persistent mental illness. The Gathering Place is located less than a mile from The Clinic.

Community Healthcare Needs Assessment

Menninger provides mental health services to adolescents and adults from the local, regional and national communities. Our Board of Directors approved the most recent Community Healthcare Needs Assessment in June 2016, which was followed by the Directors' approval of the Implementation Strategy in October 2016. These reports reflect the portrait of mental health needs and outline how Menninger aligns its services to help respond to the communities' needs.