Make a Donation to Menninger

Donors give to Menninger because they want to help improve mental health treatment, research and education, and we appreciate each gift, whether it's a cash gift, planned gift or gift-in-kind.



Donors told us they have things besides money they want to give to help the mental health cause.
Good news: Now Menninger can turn that stuff you’re not using into cash for research and training.


Real estate
Business inventory
Precious metals
Grain commodities


Recent-model laptops
Latest tablets
Digital cameras
MP3 players
Gaming consoles


Classic vehicles
Industrial equipment
Boats and RVs



How It Works

Our vendor, iDonate, has personnel around the country who turn tangible items into cash for Menninger with minimal effort on your part and ours. All you have to do is tell us what you want to sell. After the transfer is made, donors receive a gift-in-kind receipt for tax purposes. Items must have a market value that is higher than the cost to ship, transport, or liquidate the item. Furniture and musical instruments, for example, are not accepted because they’re hard to ship and sell. Have something in mind? Call 713-275-5174 or email to see if something you no longer use can change the lives of people with mental health conditions who want to take control of their lives.


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