Assessment service offers insight when crisis strikes

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When the reasons behind a personal or work life crisis are cloudy, an outpatient assessment can help clarify the problem and recommend what to do next.


Menninger now offers a comprehensive outpatient assessment over four and a half days, concluding with the findings from the assessment team and preliminary written recommendations for how to address the problem. Within two weeks, the patient receives the team's final written report.

The outpatient assessment must be scheduled in advance. To prepare, the team studies:

  1. Information gathered from the pre-assessment screening and medical and psychological history
  2. Insights from people who know the prospective patient well
  3. Results from advance health screenings

The team, led by Christopher Flynn, MD, includes expertise in neuropsychology, social work, addictions and psychiatry. Each patient will collaborate with the team in a series of meetings and evaluations to better understand the patient's situation. The evaluations include psychological, neuropsychological and cognitive exams; psychological tests and surveys; lab and drug screening tests; an MRI of the brain and psychosocial assessments.


To learn if an assessment may be appropriate for you or someone you know, call our Admissions staff at 800-351-9058.