Clinic Expands Outpatient Services

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Jonathan Stevens, MD
Under the direction of our Outpatient Division’s Medical Director Jonathan Stevens, MD, and Administrative Director Harrell Woodson, PhD, Menninger now offers three new outpatient services:
  • Traditional medication management and consultations with one of our board-certified adult and child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • Individual, couples and family therapy with one of our licensed social workers
  • Comprehensive, multi-day outpatient assessments for children and adolescents

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an outpatient therapy appointment, call Apryl Connor at 713-275-5178, who handles intake screening and scheduling. Appointments are available weekdays and evenings.
To schedule an assessment, contact Admissions at 800-351-9058.

Existing Services

The Outpatient Division’s existing services include: