Clinic to Co-sponsor Psychotherapy and Faith Conference

Monday, November 2, 2015

Menninger is proud to be a co-sponsor of The Institute for Spirituality and Health's 24th annual Psychotherapy and Faith conference November 6 in Houston.


The conference aims to reinforce and expand the knowledge, awareness and competence of mental health professionals in areas acknowledging and using the therapeutic relationship as a means to address the spiritual health needs of their patients.


Continuing education will be available for physicians, psychologists, registered nurses, social workers, addiction counselors, licensed professional counselors and licensed marriage and family therapists.


The conference, which starts at 7:30 am, will be held at St. Martin's Episcopal Church and costs $125 for professionals and $60 for students. Click here for registration details.


Among the presenters will be Rev. Salvador Del Mundo, Jr., MDiv, MBA, director, Chaplaincy Services at The Clinic. His presentation, "Holy Ground: Recognizing the Sacred in the Healing Process," will focus on vignettes that identify:

  1. A yearning for the sacred heard from patients receiving mental health care;
  2. The despair and anxiety that lingers when patients’ future stories seem hopeless or cut off; and
  3. The transformative capacity of experiencing the sacred in their healing process, thus allowing them to construct hopeful future stories.