Menninger to Host Training for Child Attachment Interview

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

cai-image-from-ac-in-londonThe Menninger Clinic is pleased to offer the only Child Attachment Interview training outside the Anna Freud Centre in London.


The Child Attachment Interview (CAI) allows professionals to assess the quality of children’s attachment relationships with parents/carers during middle childhood and adolescence. The four-day course trains professionals in the administration and coding of the CAI.


The CAI Training Course is relevant to child mental health professionals, researchers, and school psychologists, counselors and teachers.


The CAI (Shmueli-Goetz et al., 2008; Target et al., 2003) focuses on current attachment memories, rather than retrospective accounts, and elicits children’s perceptions of their attachment figures’ current availability and sensitive responsiveness. The interview invites children to describe and reflect upon their attachment experiences and relationship — at times of hurt, emotional upset, illness, separation and loss — as a way of gaining access to their internal representations of those relationships.


The coding is taught by reviewing videotaped interviews, providing practice in the coding of the CAI, which yields attachment strategies analogous to those identified in infancy and adulthood.


The training begins January 10 and ends January 13. The registration for the four-day training is $1,000 and includes lunches and refreshments. 


Participation is limited to 10; so register today.