Social Worker to Present Free Webinar on Shame and Resilience

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

register-now-graphic-green-copyCynthia Mulder, LCSW, director of Education and a certified facilitator of The Daring Way™, will share her knowledge about the impact shame has on patients, therapists and the therapeutic alliance in the May 9 webinar How to Help Your Clients Build Resilience to Shame.



Shame is highly correlated with depression, addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide and bullying, issues that can prompt individuals to admit to a hospital or residential center. Yet because shame is rarely explicitly discussed or even understood, it continues to impact a patient’s sense of self. 


Identifying and defining this powerful emotion helps patients understand how it leads to disconnection and fuels self-destructive behaviors while also establishing a deeper understanding of how it presents in their lives. However, the challenge of talking about shame may unwittingly lead to experiencing shame. 

Listening for shame as it shows up in therapy and finding ways to empathically discuss it is vital to reducing shame’s power and enhancing healing. 



The webinar will help participants:

  • Understand the difference between shame/guilt/humiliation and embarrassment, as well as what may trigger an individual’s shame;
  • Articulate how shame contributes to self-destructive behaviors like depression, suicide and eating disorders; and
  • Listen for shame in varied therapeutic modalities, recognize its presence and respond with empathy and self-compassion.


Register now for the webinar, which will be presented Tuesday, May 9, from 12 - 1 pm CT.

Please note this is not a CE event