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bulletincvrThe Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic (the Bulletin) has a long and distinguished history of publishing important, peer-reviewed papers about psychiatry and psychology.
To further expand its impact, the Bulletin is revising its primary focus from psychoanalytically-oriented research to one that is more broad based. In particular, the Bulletin will now publish manuscripts of sound methodology and clinical significance about topics pertaining to psychopathology, assessment and intervention without adhering to a particular theoretical orientation.
Original research will be evaluated based on its methodology, significance and fit with this new focus. Literature reviews will be considered, provided the review is targeting one of these domains.
The Bulletin is also interested in psychometric studies of new measures, as well as replicating past work. Finally, case studies that present unique clinical presentations and approaches to treatment delivery will be considered. The Bulletin will be of interest to individuals in mental health research and care, including psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and those in graduate training.
To subscribe or view online archives, visit Guilford Press, which publishes the Bulletin quarterly.

Editorial Board

Eric Storch, PhD, editor

Bella Schanzer, MD, associate editor

Eli R. Lebowitz, PhD, associate editor

James Lomax, MD

Peter Fonagy, PhD

Jon G. Allen, PhD

Efrain Bleiberg, MD

Glen O. Gabbard, MD

Richard Munich, MD

John M. Oldham, MD, MS

Joel Yager, MD

Kathryn J. Zerbe, MD

Sophie C. Schneider, PhD

Ashley M. Shaw, PhD

Dean McKay, PhD

Connor M. Kerns, PhD

Amitai Abramovitch, PhD

Berta J. Summers, PhD

Brent J. Small, PhD

Katrina Rufino, PhD

Gregory S. Chasson, PhD

Jill Ehrenreich-May, PhD

Elizabeth McIngvale, PhD

Robin P. Goin-Kochel, PhD

Alessandro De Nadai, PhD

Deanna N. Schreiber-Gregory, MS

Michelle Patriquin, PhD

Leonardo F. Fontenelle, MD, PhD

Lauren J. Moskowitz, PhD

Joseph F. McGuire, PhD

Martin Franklin, PhD

Michael R. Nadorff, PhD

Laurel L. Williams, DO

Brenna B. Maddox, PhD

Michael J. Larson, PhD

Amanda Jensen-Doss, PhD

Rebecca Hamblin, PhD

Julia D Buckner, PhD

Jesse R. Cougle, PhD

Lily A. Brown, PhD

Jedidiah Siev, PhD

Troy Quast, PhD

Amy Przeworski, PhD

Kirti Saxena, MD

Jennifer B. Dwyer, MD, PhD

Samantha Farris, PhD

Joao L. De Quevedo, MD, PhD

Marina Iniesta-Sepúlveda, PhD

Sarah L. Martin, MD

Jon Elhai, PhD

Lara Farrell, PhD

Sean Gregory, PhD

Christopher W. Drapeau, PhD

Amie R. Newins, PhD

Carly Johnco, PhD

Julie Kaplow, PhD, ABPP

Daniel A. Geller, MD

Andres G. Viana, PhD, ABPP

Alison Salloum, PhD 

Candice A. Alfano, PhD

Neil A. Rector, PhD

Heather L. Yardly, PhD

Robert R. Selles, PhD 

Thomas A. Fergus, PhD

Lisa Shank, MS, MPH

Marcelo Q. Hoexter, PhD

Xiaolu Zhou, PhD

Nor Christian Torp, PhD

Maria G. Fraire, PhD

Martin M. Antony, PhD, ABPP

Karen Rowa, PhD, Cpsych

Katja Anna Hybel, MSc Psych, PhD

Claire Bevins, PhD

Karin Melin, RPN, Msc

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