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In 2010, The Menninger Clinic launched SayNoToStigma.com, a blog about wide-ranging mental health topics and the stigma that continues to surround people with mental illness. We invite you to join us on this journey toward overcoming stigma.
Decades ago, people didn’t talk about cancer, which might as well have been a four-letter word. But as people began to talk about it, good things started to happen:  More research was funded, new diagnostic tests and treatments were developed, more people got screened (often earlier), more patients got the emotional support they needed and more lives were saved.

We should do the same with mental illness

Because good things happen when shame is erased and people feel free to seek treatment.  Because more research is needed. Because new assessments and treatments are vital. Because early help is a key to minimizing the disruptive nature of mental illness. Because everyone deserves to live a productive, fulfilling life. Because precious lives are at stake, those of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, children and grandchildren, friends and neighbors. Join the conversation.