Getting Treatment

Family Orientation

Family members of recently-admitted patients are strongly encouraged to attend Family Orientation, which is offered each Tuesday from 2-4 pm at Menninger.
Participation is vital to helping you and your loved one make the most of treatment. By attending, you'll have the chance to ask questions that are often asked during the first few family therapy sessions, which takes valuable time away from addressing family issues.
During the orientation, social workers:
  • Explain the interdisciplinary team approach and how it contributes to patient-centered care.
  • Help family members learn more about the evidence-based practices used at Menninger (milieu, mentalizing, CBT, DBT, 12-step, etc.) and the course of treatment from admission to aftercare.
  • Highlight the importance of appropriate family support and involvement during the patient’s treatment and provide perspective and reassurance.
  • Answer questions about what to expect from the treatment process.