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Getting Treatment

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The Menninger Clinic complies with the State of Texas Bill of Rights for adults and adolescents and its own Patient Responsibility Policy. Copies of our policy will be mailed upon request; just contact our Patient Advocate at 713-275-5035.

At the time of admission, all patients receive a copy of the Menninger Policy on Patient Responsibilities and the Bill of Rights for Psychiatric Patients.


The Menninger Clinic admits only individuals who come voluntarily. A parent or guardian of a minor must consent to admission of a minor child.

Medical Records

To obtain your medical record, or to allow Menninger to release your protected health information to other providers, you must sign the Authorization to Disclose/Obtain Protected Health Information form. Our fee schedule for records is included on the form.


Once signed, please return it to us by:

  • Mail to HIMS, The Menninger Clinic, 12301 Main St., Houston, TX 77035;
  • Fax to 713-275-5108; or
  • Scan and email it to

Please allow 15 days for your request to be fulfilled.