Mental Health Professionals

Do you have a client or patient with serious mental illness who needs more intensive care in a safe environment? Here's how we can help.


Inpatient Options for Adults

  • Hope Program for Adults - ideal for adults who have a history of chronic, severe mental illness or dual diagnoses and who are, generally speaking, ages 28 and older.
  • Compass Program for Young Adults - for individuals 18 to 27 who are struggling with emerging disorders, including bipolar disorder and personality disorders, or who are struggling with depression, anxiety or substance abuse related to the transition to adulthood.
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service - for adults 18 and older who need stabilization for acute symptoms.
  • Professionals in Crisis Program - ideal for high-achieving individuals who are dealing with stress pile-up resulting in severe depression and anxiety or co-occurring disorders.

Inpatient Options for Adolescents

Outpatient Options

For your client or patient who needs greater diagnostic clarity, Menninger offers a 4.5-day outpatient assessment, which includes the referring clinician as a partner in assessment and recommendations, for children and adults.


If you believe your client or patient is a candidate for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), Menninger is pleased to offer family-centered ECT on an outpatient basis. 


Referrals Welcome

Menninger welcomes all referrals, and our experienced Admissions coordinators are ready to talk with you about our programs and services and how they might best help you. Call 800-351-9058 or 713-275-5140 and speak with one today.