Training Programs


Betty Ann Stedman Psychiatric Nurse Residency Program

We're proud to offer the Betty Ann Stedman Psychiatric Nurse Residency Program for graduates of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs who would like to begin their psychiatric nursing career as a resident with The Menninger Clinic. Nurse residents get to:
  • Work at one of the country's leading psychiatric hospitals
  • Gain experience in specialty psychiatric care
  • Earn six months of income while learning from experienced, caring clinicians
  • Start in January or June

Our Treatment Philosophy

Nurse residents, like trainees in other mental health disciplines at Menninger, learn to work as members of treatment teams, develop a treatment alliance with patients and provide a safe, supportive therapeutic environment for patients with complex mental illness. The team includes nurses, psychiatric rehabilitation specialists, chemical dependency counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as each patient.
The training experience at The Menninger Clinic provides the nurse resident an opportunity to see patients make substantial progress in treatment. During their stay, patients learn and master new skills, including how to maintain their personal well-being and manage their illness after discharge.

To Apply

An application must include completion of the Menninger job application, letter of interest, official university transcript, HESI scores or Texas nursing license, two letters of recommendation and your résumé. Residency positions will be posted online in the spring and fall.
For more information and application deadlines, contact Casey Livarchik.