Social Work


The Menninger Clinic offers a comprehensive Clinical Social Work field practicum placement for second-year MSW graduate students. The Clinic has trained generations of social work students since it officially began the SW Internship in the mid-1940s. However, social workers have been an integral part of Menninger since its inception in 1925.
Due to the extensive training and specific therapeutic approaches unique to Menninger, many of the social workers trained at Menninger became leaders in the field of clinical social work throughout the years.

About the Internship

Exposure to psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment theory and mentalization-based therapy, among many other important concepts and modalities, enriches the student experience. Menninger utilizes an interdisciplinary team model, which allows students to become a full member of a treatment team. Students also work in close collaboration with their field supervisor and the other members of the Social Work department.
Our internship is 24 hours per week (generally 3 full days) from 8 am to 5 pm. It begins in the third or fourth week of August and continues through the following April. Students take their schools’ regularly scheduled holidays, although due to continuity of care for patients, we ask that vacations be no longer than one week at a time.
Menninger is a sub-acute psychiatric hospital with four inpatient programs for adults, one inpatient program for adolescents, a residential stepdown program and a robust outpatient clinic

Application Details

Applications for the internship are accepted starting in the second semester of the academic year. Promising candidates are asked to interview in small groups and are sometimes asked to return for an individual interview as well. Decisions regarding who is accepted as in intern are made by the internship committee of the Social Work department during the month of April. Those accepted begin their internship in the next academic year.
In addition to having a mental health concentration, applicants are asked to have completed a course in the DSM-V or have scheduled to take the course concurrently during the first semester of the internship.


Any questions about the internship can be directed to Vaughan Gilmore, LCSW, LCDC, director of Addictions Services and coordinator of the Social Work Internship, or Janice Poplack, LCSW-S, ACSW, director of Social Work.