Adolescent Treatment Program

Program Schedule

The Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP) is an intensive therapeutic program. Each adolescent receives:
  • Individual therapy one-two times per week
  • Family therapy one-two times per week
  • Twice weekly appointments with the program’s psychiatrist
  • Group psychotherapy twice weekly
Regular interactions with the program’s social workers are included as well.

A Typical Schedule

Although a customized schedule is developed for each adolescent based on his or her individual needs, a typical schedule outlines the types of therapeutic and recreational activities that patients often receive. Teens participate in group therapy twice per week and multiple psychoeducational, process and skill-building groups per day. Individual and family therapy occurs one to two times per week. Additional therapy for substance abuse issues is added as needed.
Unscheduled time may be used to complete therapy homework, practice newly learned skills with others, exercise, read, or participate with other patients and staff in planned recreational activities.


We appreciate the importance of school in an adolescent’s life and want to ensure each has the chance to experience academic success while an inpatient and following discharge from ATP. To help adolescents with their studies, Menninger offers an academic coordinator who works with teens, parents and the teens' base schools to develop individualized plans for academic work while at The Clinic. Three hours each weekday are devoted to academics.