Compass Program for Young Adults

Assessment and Medication

Testing, Assessment and Medication

Upon arrival at Menninger, each young person receives thorough psychiatric, medical, emotional, developmental and social diagnostic assessments. These evaluations help the treatment team integrate an appropriate blend of individualized therapeutic interventions to meet the young adult's needs.
Team members share assessment findings in order to form a comprehensive picture of the patient and his or her issues. Because diagnostic insight is a dynamic process, the team shares information frequently to update its understanding of the patient’s core issues and treatment progress. Increased understanding naturally leads to changes in treatment approaches. This process includes input from the patient, family and referring health care professionals.

Diagnostic Team Meeting

After a few weeks of working with the patient, the Compass team finalizes its assessments during a formal review, establishes working diagnoses and makes recommendations for continued treatment. The team meets with the patient and his or her family to share its findings and discuss direction for the remaining treatment at Menninger and treatment that may be needed after discharge. If the patient wishes, referring health care professionals are included in this mid-treatment diagnostic conference.

Medication Philosophy and Treatment

The use of medication, if needed, is discussed in detail since patients need to make the ultimate decision about what to put in their bodies.
A psychiatrist is the team leader of each treatment team and works with the patient and other team members to establish an effective medication regimen.
Upon admission, the patient meets with a psychiatrist for an initial assessment of medication needs. Menninger patients receive education regarding medication, intended effects and side effects, so they can participate in self-monitoring and are prepared to assume responsibility for their medication after discharge.
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