Compass Program for Young Adults

First Days with Compass

Members of the Compass Program for Young Adults (Compass) treatment team begin to work with young adults right away to help them navigate away from low self-esteem and slowed development to a position of self-worth and empowerment.
While each person’s first days at Menninger varies by individual need, a basic outline of what to expect during the first 10 days follows.
  • Upon arrival, an Admissions coordinator works with the patient and/or family to complete any paperwork not already completed.
  • The treatment team greets the patient. A staff member inventories and checks personal belongings.
  • The patient settles into a room, then meets other staff and patients and receives a tour of the unit.
  • A staff psychiatrist and an internal medicine physician see the patient within 24 hours of admission.
  • The treatment team and patient begin to work together to stabilize symptoms and begin the diagnostic process that helps the team better understand each individual’s needs. Other services, such as addiction assessment, eating disorder consultation, obsessive-compulsive disorders assessment and neuropsychological assessment, are scheduled as needed.
  • During these early days, the patient is engaged in assessments and evaluations. To ease the adjustment into Compass, they will steadily increase participation according to their individual treatment program.
  • The patient and treatment team begin to collaborate on goals for treatment, and a treatment plan is set.

Learn more about family involvement, what to expect and assessment and medication in Menninger’s Compass program.