Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service

Diagnostic Conferences

After a thorough review of the patient’s assessment and test results, as well as reports from family and referring clinicians, the Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service (CPAS) team meets with the patient and family in person or by phone to share findings and recommendations. For the patient and family, the process results in:
  • Thorough understanding of the patient’s diagnoses and the factors that contribute to the complex or recurring problems
  • Establishment of common goals
  • Plan for continued treatment supported by the patient, family and referring professional(s)
  • Support, learning and renewed hope
A hospitalization summary is provided to the patient after discharge and, if the patient authorizes it in writing, to the patient’s referring professional. If the team recommends continued hospitalization, the patient is referred to an appropriate treatment setting that meets specific needs.
If a patient transfers to another program at Menninger for continued treatment, the new team uses the information garnered from CPAS assessments and observations to inform the development of the patient’s treatment plan.