Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is an important step and begins early in the Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service (CPAS) treatment process. The family and patient participate in planning.
Of patients who are treated in the program roughly: 
  • 40 percent return to their outpatient referring clinicians
  • 10 percent are referred to other treatment facilities
  • 50 percent transfer to Menninger specialty inpatient programs to continue treatment
If a patient returns to the referring clinician: A hospitalization summary is given to the patient after discharge from CPAS. If the patient authorizes it in writing, the report is provided to the referring clinician as well.
If a patient requires continued hospitalization or residential care: Our team refers the patient to a treatment setting we feel is appropriate given the patient’s history, current status and testing results.
If a patient transfers to another Menninger program to continue treatment: The team in the subsequent program applies the assessment results to help identify and address the patient’s core issues that guide development of an individualized treatment program. The patient will receive a hospitalization summary from the specialty program that also encompasses the CPAS evaluation.