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Hope Program

Discharge Planning

Transitioning to the next stage in recovery from the Hope Program for Adults (Hope) is often challenging. After living for several weeks in a structured, secure environment, coping with the pressures of “real life” can be difficult. Early in the treatment process, we begin preparing patients to re-enter their lives by helping them create an initial wellness or recovery plan.
The plan, which is refined throughout treatment, is critical to a patient’s success after leaving Hope. Patients are active participants in preparing for life after leaving Menninger and need to take an active role in meeting their short- and long-term goals.
The family, clinicians and peers in treatment share feedback and are valuable in helping the patient set goals and recognize potential barriers as well as strengths. As treatment progresses, the treatment team helps the patient and family prepare for the patient’s next stage in recovery. 
The team will work with the patient, family and referring clinicians to develop an after-care plan that will give the patient the best chance for long-term success.