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Hope Program

Discharge Planning

Wellness Planning
As patients gain greater understanding of their strengths and what triggers difficulties that are hard to deal with, they start developing a personal wellness plan. This plan transitions into their personal path for attaining and maintaining their well-being.
During their stay, each patient gets input from their family, clinicians and peers in treatment, which helps define wellness goals, recognize potential barriers and identify their support network and solutions for recovery.
Before discharging, each patient presents an overview of their plan and describes what they gained from treatment. These processes are often cited by patients as one of the most valuable achievements of treatment because they have looked at their life through the rearview mirror and now see their new pathway through new lenses.
Wellness planning emphasizes the patient’s active role in preparing for life by planning a recovery path that allows for some twists and turns.
The treatment team also works with the family and referring clinicians to develop an after-care plan.