Hope Program

Referring Professionals

The Hope Program for Adults (Hope) welcomes the opportunity to work with referring clinicians, and we consider them important members of the treatment team. At admission, each patient is asked to sign a Release of Information (ROI) form to allow communication between Menninger and referring clinicians. Once signed, we collaborate as needed with the referring clinician(s) before, during and after the patient’s stay to ensure coordinated care.
After Admission
Our goal is to contact a new patient’s referring clinician(s) within 48 hours of admission so that we can get an accurate picture of the patient’s current status and previous treatment history, which provides valuable context for identifying central themes for treatment.
During Treatment
Communication with the referring clinician(s) takes place as needed (or requested) throughout the patient’s stay. When a patient is returning to the referring clinician(s), we provide a summary of the patient’s treatment and recommendations prior to a planned discharge. Our team is happy to have a conversation with the referring professional to ensure a smooth handoff.
After Discharge
A written treatment summary will be sent to the referring clinician soon after discharge. If additional information regarding a patient’s care on the program is needed, our clinicians will respond to such inquiries as allowed by the patient’s ROI.