Hope Program

Resources for Families

Our staff recognizes that family members are often exhausted and are eager to get answers. We help our patients’ families learn how to be effective and healthy in supporting their family member.


At the time of admission, families are an important resource to our treatment team and to the patient as he/she gets settled in and begins important assessments.


We encourage families to be involved during the treatment process, and our Hope Family Handbook offers insight into the treatment your loved one will receive at Menninger. Educating the family and the patient about their illness, treatments and relapse prevention is one of our top priorities.
Attending a Family Orientation session following admission provides family members with an overview of what to expect from the treatment process. 

We also encourage participation in Family Education Day, which takes place nearly every two months. Your social worker will be glad to tell you more about it.

Menninger’s YouTube channel also offers informative videos.