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Menninger 360

Menninger 360 team

Some individuals with mental health issues need intensive treatment, yet not necessarily in a hospital setting. Instead, they can benefit from a "hospital without walls," which is what the Menninger 360 service offers.


The only private psychiatric assertive community treatment (PACT) team in Texas, Menninger 360 features a team of multidisciplinary mental health clinicians who offer clients 360 degree support, treatment and rehabilitation.


The team is mobile, helping clients work toward independence, develop and practice skills to manage their mental health concerns and achieve their goals, all outside of a hospital or outpatient setting. By working with clients in their homes and communities, the team helps them address real-world concerns in real time.



The primary goals of Menninger 360 are to:

  • Decrease or eliminate debilitating symptoms of mental illness so that clients have fewer recurring episodes of acute mental illness and hospitalizations
  • Improve clients' abilities to function in social, community and professional roles and activities
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Lessen the family’s burden of providing care

“We take an individualized, proactive and pro-social approach – essentially ‘whatever it takes’ – to support and help clients live full, independent lives while managing their illness," says Matthew Estey, LCSW, director of Menninger 360. 


Who can benefit

Menninger 360 helps adults with severe, chronic mental illness, including schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders and bipolar disorder, as well as helping those who experience significant disability. It is also ideal for adults whose symptoms make it difficult for them to participate in group-based treatment programs or who need sustained support for recovery from substance abuse.


Menninger 360 is currently available only to individuals in Houston.


Menninger 360 team

The team is comprised of a psychiatrist, two social workers, a nurse and a community integration specialist. The team offers three levels of service:

  • Tier I provides for up to 10 hours of individualized services per week
  • Tier II provides for up to 20 hours of services per week
  • Tier III provides of up to 30 hours of services per week

Team members are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


For more information, email Matthew Estey.