Using a person-centered community integration approach, Pathfinder creates positive experiences in recovery by helping participants improve their ability to live, learn, work or volunteer, socialize and continue in therapy.

Led by an experienced clinical team, Pathfinder serves adults 18 and older who need help translating insight into action. Most have recently been discharged from an inpatient treatment facility and are ready to continue their recovery while living with more independence in a less structured environment. Others may need more support than traditional outpatient therapy provides.
We strive to increase each client's role in managing their mental illness and/or addiction.

Our Clients

The Pathfinder team is especially equipped to help clients with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and personality disorders. We also work with individuals who have addictions, autism spectrum disorder or learning differences. 
More Information
For more about Pathfinder, check out the details about Pathfinder and its videos on YouTube.