Professionals Program

Family Involvement

At Menninger, we recognize it can be very stressful to have a loved one experiencing psychiatric illness and not know how to help.

That’s why we encourage patients in the Professionals Program (PIC) to include their spouses, partners, children and parents as a vital part of their path to wellness.
We provide families with education about diagnoses and treatment options and help them understand how to support their loved ones. Family meetings with the patient's social worker are regularly scheduled throughout a patient's stay on PIC and are a vital component of treatment, often helping the treatment team tackle the social aspect of treatment resistance. 
In addition, we encourage family members to participate in both a Family Orientation session and a Family Education Day soon after their loved one admits so that they can learn about the evidence-based practices we use and what to expect from the treatment process.
With the patient's permission, the treatment team establishes and maintains regular contact with family members. The team also coordinates on-site visits, phone calls and scheduled videoconferencing between the patient and family members to encourage growth in family relationships and ensure as smooth a transition as possible for the patient's return to family life.
Discharge Planning
The discharge planning process begins at the time of admission. The goal is to develop a support network and less intensive treatment for the patient after leaving Menninger.
As treatment progresses, the patient’s social worker helps the patient and family prepare for reintegration into their career, community and family. The treatment team works with the patient’s employer, with permission and when appropriate.
Therapeutic absences from Menninger to the home are scheduled to promote the application of skills, behaviors and management techniques learned in treatment within the home setting. Whenever possible, the patient also connects with the outpatient team and other people in the support network who have been identified in the discharge planning process.