Menninger Staff

James Sargent, LCDC

Addictions Counselor

Sargent is a licensed chemical dependency counselor at the Bellaire, Texas, location of Outpatient Services. He embraces an open-minded approach in working with addiction clients and families and believes in the importance of involving the family in treatment. He treats adults and adolescents.
He is certified in trauma resolution, relapse-prevention and shame resilience. He is also trained in sexual addiction assessment as well as the administration of the SASSI and ASI Screenings.
Sargent managed addiction treatment for the Professionals Program from 2006-2012. During that time, he assessed chemical dependence and addictions processing, facilitated relapse prevention and process groups, served as a counselor, planned for discharge and worked with family education.
He graduated from The Institute of Chemical Dependence Studies in Houston and completed a 2-year internship at Menninger.